US president withdraws Nomination of Budget director

President Biden withdraws Neera as a budget candidate. She has come under scrutiny for vocal utterances against government officials. 

Biden withdraws Neera after lawmakers rejection 

President Joe Biden has withdrawn the budget director amidst opposition from lawmakers. Republican and Democratic legislators have said they were concerned about the nomination of Neera Tanden as budget directors. Their opposition has been because of her past social media tweets. Reacting on Wednesday morning, the president said he had accepted Neera's request to step down. 

The president says 

'' She has a very good reputation And her track record speaks a lot for her, I will be glad to put her in another position in my government ''. 

However, the president's statement didn't specify what other role she had been groomed for in Biden's government. Senators from the democracy and republican had rejected her nominations because of her negative tweets during the ex-president Trump administration. 

Neera has served the Democrat party for several years 

Neera has previously served as a director center of American Progress, which was a political think-tank of the political party in 2015. Neera Tanden has been a huge critic of senator Bernie Sanders and his cohorts on the internet. She has also been accused of calling republican Mitch McConnell 'Lord Voldernoth' '.' 'She offers a very biased view and says a lot of toxic words which makes her very unfit for a sensitive job like this.

“A top management director needs to be diplomatic and work with all parties in government,” Senator Manchin Joe said. Washington shared a picture of Neera's withdrawal letter on Tuesday evening' 'I am grateful for President Biden for my nomination, but it seems it won't be accepted as there are obstacles in the way. “I don't want any distraction to emanate from the continuous confirmation debacle”. It remains unclear who President Biden will forward for the budget position.

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