False tweets and negative COVID-19 tweets to get five year Ban

In its bid to encourage vaccinations and stop false information about vaccine doses, Twitter has taken a step. It has said it will ban accounts with false COVID-19 information. 

The false COVID-19 post will be banned - Twitter 

Twitter has announced that it will suspend users who continue to give false information about the Covid-19 vaccine process. Under this new policy, users will face suspension on their accounts for untruth statements. The duration of the suspension will be determined by how many times they have shared the untruth.

'' If they share the fake coronavirus message four times, they get four years '' the message confirmed. It also says health matters will be taken seriously as a global pandemic needs to put under control. 

Many anti-information groups have said the enforcement of the law will determine if this imitative will be successful or not. Competitors, Facebook and Instagram have also announced to close accounts of those repeating false information about the coronavirus vaccine.

Coronavirus false messages scrutinized by other media platforms 

YouTube already has a system that places a ban on accounts of those who engage in such online activities. There is also a label rule which Twitter promises to apply to messages it believes contain some level of untruth about Covid-19. 

However, the seriousness of the information will determine if it will be banned or removed. However, Twitter policies aren't clear enough to give a specific guideline on why this suspension will take place. It indicated that it will remove posts that spread conspiracy theories about vaccines and their lack of potency.  

Those messages that contain claims of the effect of vaccines and safety will be labeled. Also, tweets that put question marks on how effective the vaccines are, but do give misrepresentation will be left alone. These policies are a little fuzzier than it looks as different messages give separate penalties.  Twitter has said it will continue to find ways to discourage members from spreading false information about coronavirus as this is dangerous to the world.