Contraception web applications accuse a competitor of unreliable services

A contraceptive application has accused rivals of not having reliable service and been favored by regulators. This birth control app has said there is no proof that its rival statistics are correct. 

Natural Cycles Says rival approval is hasty 

Natural Cycles, which is a top application cleared by the American regulators for virtual contraceptives, has slammed the approval of a recent birth control app tracker app named Clue. The app firm said Clue services weren't thorough enough as they rely heavily on menstruation dates and don't have viable services. 

However, the clue has hit back saying the US regulator has gone through all the necessary processes of its app and deemed it 'accurate and safe'. Clue add is expected to be launched in early 2021. The idea for the development of both apps is to offer viable substitutes to traditional methods of contraceptives, as they calculate when pregnancy will happen. 

Natural cycle and rival accepts a small fee for a menstrual forecast 

This of course depends entirely on the menstrual circle of the woman in question. Natural Cycles accepts a subscription fee while the client also has a model of payment to get more features in their product. Clue has said the birth control was 90% accurate at stopping unwanted pregnancy. In contrast, the Natural cycle also claims 94% accuracy when used normally like the contraception drug. '' The potency of the clue birth control app was done by experts from Georgetown University making use of reliable clinical research. 

The firm spokesperson also said that the US FDA has evaluated their claims and found them accurate enough. The NHS has said the natural method of family planning is the best practice for monitoring pregnancy, however, using apps to determine dates and time isn't bad. Critics of this app have said there isn't evidence to show that these apps can show accurate information about the contraceptive period, that all data shown are mere speculation.

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